La Canova  

Residence With Bike Rental Tuscany Coast

Ride on with La Canova 2, welcoming residence with bike rental at Marina di Grosseto

A sojourn at La Canova 2 means discovering numerous natural, historical and artistic landmarks. Our elegant residence with bike rental by the Tuscany coast is the perfect destination for adventurous travelers.

Grab a bicycle for a modest fee and go explore the wonders of the Tuscan shoreline. Its beautiful sands spread for more than 25 kilometers, with 9 of them comprising the lush pine forest of Tombolo and charming towns such as Castiglione della Pescaia.

Engage in various water sports like windsurfing, and underwater diving. You can also rent a boat or jet skis in one of many beach establishments in the area or keep pedaling towards neighboring boroughs and their unique attractions.

Don’t miss the chance to visit the Fort of Rocchette and the Castle of Punta Alta, built by Cosimo de’ Medici in 1561. Nature enthusiasts will be glad to know that the Isle of Sparviero and the Cetacean Sanctuary are not too far from our premises.

Traveling on two wheels allows you to go off the beaten path and find out less known corners that nonetheless hold fascinating tales waiting to be told. Plus, it is a great outdoors workout to do with the whole family.

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